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CrawfishTales - Chef Celeste

In this episode of Crawfish Tales, we visit Chef Celeste to discuss her style of cooking and the Certified Louisiana seasonings that make her dishes so delicious! Chef Celeste will be one of Certified Louisiana's featured booths at the Louisiana Restaurant Association's big event in August. #ldaf #crawfishtales #certifiedlouisiana #CertifiedDelicious

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From the Commissioner

For Louisiana to maintain a leading position, we must surpass existing standards of agricultural and forestry achievement and seek additional opportunities for growth and prosperity. Louisiana's agricultural industries and its forestry, soil and water resources are critical to the advancement of our state and play a central role in our diverse cultural heritage.

As your Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, I am committed to working with the farmer and forester, producer and processor and all others to ensure our food is safe, our fiber production among the best and our animals strong and healthy. Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you.

- Mike Strain DVM