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Cattle theft or other agricultural-related crimes?

Call 1-800-558-9741

Forestry related crimes?

Call 225-925-4500

The Livestock Brand Commission is responsible for creating, maintaining and promoting a statewide crimestoppers program in order to assist other law enforcement agencies in detecting and combating agricultural-related crimes. The commission determines which individuals shall be rewarded for providing information used in detecting, combating and solving agricultural-related crimes. The commission also determines the amount of any reward that is to be paid. The program is sponsored in a joint venture by the Louisiana Cattleman’s Association and the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation.

The Forestry Enforcement Division is responsible for the protection of life and property throughout forested areas of the state. Officers enforce forestry related crimes including but not limited to arson, timber theft, forestry equipment theft and vandalism as well as offenses against departmental employees and property.

Forest related crime rewards are co-sponsored by the Louisiana Forestry Association.

All of the department’s enforcement officers are commissioned by the Louisiana State Police and have full police powers in the performance of their duties.