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Emergency Planning

LDAF Mission

LDAF is authorized by the Louisiana Emergency Operation Plan to administer two of the plan’s 15 Emergency Support Functions. These functions are ESF-4 (firefighting) and ESF-11 (agriculture/animals). LDAF Emergency Programs manages the business of these vital functions. Emergency management is a complex endeavor that requires planning, preparation, and practice to fulfill the mission when the need arrives.

LDAF has a proven record of serving the needs of the citizens of Louisiana in past events including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and utility failures. LDAF is prepared to respond to incidents and disasters that threaten agriculture, the safety of the food supply, and the public health. Emergency response to natural or man made disasters is critical to the safety and economic stability of Louisiana.

Household Pets and Livestock Emergency Planning

Foreign Animal Disease

Pesticides Wastes and Spills

Forest Protection
Forest Enforcement

Important Phone Numbers
Agricultural Crime – 800-558-9741

Forestry Crime – 225-925-4500

LDAF Veterinary Health Division: 225-925-3980

USDA APHIS Veterinary Services Area Veterinarian in Charge’s office
Mailing address: 345 Keyway Dr.
Flowood, MS 39232
Federal Epidemiologist: 255-935-2174
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine 
Large Animal Clinic: 225-578-9500
Small Animal Clinic: 225-578-9600
Louisiana Racing Commission, Equine Medical Director, Dr. Tom David: 504-615-1578
Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Mailing address: 1909 Skip Bertman Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
By Fed Ex (best to assure delivery to the front desk over the weekend) or UPS

Call USDA, Veterinary Services, at 601-936-8580 for:

  • Animal(s) Leaving the United States
  • Request for International Health Certificates
  • International Import/Export Regulations
  • Veterinary Accreditation

Call Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, at 225-765-2362 for:

  • Questions concerning importation or owning of Wild or Exotic Animals
  • Issues concerning non-human primates and wolf hybrids