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Previously Awarded Specialty Crop Projects


Application of Ultraviolet Light to Reduce Microbial Loads and Extend Fresh Strawberries’ Life

Identifying Best Practices to Increase Productivity and Minimize Food Safety Risk Associated with Hydroponic System

Education for Southeast Louisiana Specialty Crop Farmers on Best Pest Management Practices

Developing a Sustainable Nanocoating Material for Extending the Market Life and Quality of Louisiana Fruit Crops

Develop a Value-Adding Food Safety Educational Program for Louisiana Specialty Crop Growers

Increasing Labor Efficiency in Louisiana’s Nursery Industry Through Benchmarking Current Labor Practices

Apprenticeship Trainee Project for Growing New Beekeepers in Louisiana

Hustle & Grow Youth Education Program -Education Program on Urban Farming and Increased Access to Specialty Crops


Enhancing Food Safety Awareness and Market Opportunity of Specialty Crop Producers through Good Agricultural Practices

Water Testing Management to Help Specialty Crop Growers to Meet Federal and Market-driven Requirements

Louisiana Container-Grown Citrus Best Management Practices to Support an Industry

Soil Health Benefits of Nonfumigant Nematicides in Sweet Potato Production in Louisiana

Evaluation of Organic-based Fertilizers and Herbicides for Louisiana Lawns

Develop an Effective Management Program for Fireblight and Rust Diseases in Mayhaw Production

Assess the Efficacy of Antimicrobial Properties of Turmeric Extract-loaded Nano-emulsion in reducing Pathogen Loads

Evaluation of Plant-based Antimicrobial Formulation on Control of Damping-off and Other Diseases in Vegetable Seedlings


Introduction of Youth and Producers to Sustainable Watermelon Farming Utilizing Local Agricultural Byproducts

Expanding Hustle and Grow Youth Education Program: Promoting Urban Farming and Increased Access to Specialty Crops in Additional Schools

Develop and Validate a Low-Cost Produce Washing Setup for Small and Medium Scale Growers

Intensive Protected Structure Production and Fruit Quality Evaluation of Southern Highbush Blueberries and Primocane Blackberries and Raspberries

Documenting the Impact of 2, 4-D Choline and Gluosinate on Sweetpotato Growth and Yield as Influenced by Reduced Rate and Growth State

Louisiana Strawberry Industry Consumer Awareness Program

Promoting Louisiana-grown Pecans

2021 H.R. 133 Stimulus

Advertising Campaign to Increase Louisiana Specialty Crop Sales and Improve Consumer shopping behaviors affected by Pandemic-Related Conditions


Apprenticeship Project for Growing New Beekeepers in Louisiana

Application of combined MAP with UV-C to Reduce Microbial Loads and Extend Strawberries’ Shelf Life

Promoting Louisiana-grown Pecans – Phase 2

Developing Practices to Minimize the Food Safety Risk Associated with Cryptosporidium on Specialty Crops

Biopolymer-based Active Coatings Combined with Rosemary Extract to enhance Produce Safety

Best Practices to Reduce Heavy Metals in Louisiana Sweetpotatoes for Increased Competitiveness and Food Safety