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Strain Statement on National Ag Day

March 19, 2018

Baton Rouge, La. (March 19, 2018) – “While we will celebrate National Agriculture Day on March 20, 2018, every day is a celebration of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture in the state of Louisiana. The billions of dollars the industry brings to the state play a vital role in the economy. Our ports are instrumental in sharing ag products with the world. Louisiana is a major player in agriculture.

“National Ag Day is a day designated each year by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) to increase the public’s awareness of agriculture. The ACA believes everyone should understand from where their food and fiber products come.

“Farming is a long-term commitment. The state’s agriculture producers are stewards of the land and they are at the mercy of Mother Nature. So when you can – buy fresh and buy local. Visit your local farmer’s markets and roadside stands. And if you know a farmer or rancher, make sure you thank them for what they provide for you and your families.”