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Strain reports arrest

June 4, 2008

Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M. said a Shreveport man was arrested on livestock theft charges in late May.
Michael Wayne West, 48, was arrested by Shreveport Police Department officers on May 30.
West is accused of stealing an 8-year-old bay mare valued at $5,000 from a Caddo Parish horseman. The horse has not been recovered, Strain said.
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Livestock Brand Commission investigators secured the arrest warrant for West in January 2007.
The mare in question has a white star forehead mark and white snip mark on its muzzle. The horse also has an identifying microchip with the number 406D292A75 implanted near the mane, he added.
 “The microchip number was registered with the National Crime Information Center when the horse was reported stolen,” Strain said. “If and when the horse is found, our investigators, or any other animal health professional in the country, will be able to make a positive identification because of the microchip.”
Horse owners are required by LDAF regulations to have a permanent identification system associated with their animals. Microchip, freeze brand or lip tattoo are all examples of permanent identifications, Strain said.
Strain urged anyone with information on this arrest or any other agriculture related crime should call the LDAF Crimestoppers Hotline at 1-800-558-9741.