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Strain lauds Kleinpeter Farms

April 3, 2009

Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, DVM, said Kleinpeter Farms’ expansion of its ice cream line using ingredients from iconic Louisiana food company giants is an innovative model other state businesses could use as a guide.

Strain said the family-owned dairy recently added five new ice cream flavors made with ingredients from well-known Louisiana food companies, including Bruce Foods (sweet potatoes), Community Coffee, Elmer’s Gold Brick Eggs and Aunt Sally’s Pralines.
“At a time of economic challenge, instead of cutting back, these companies are creating new quality choices for consumers and adding value for themselves by creative innovation and cooperation,” Strain said. “Kleinpeter’s expansion of its product line is offering Louisiana consumers more choices and helping the state’s economy.
In addition to the ice cream roll-out, Kleinpeter Farms began offering its dairy products to the Lake Charles area, Strain said. Within the past year, Kleinpeter Farms has expanded its Baton Rouge/New Orleans service to the entire length of Louisiana’s stretch of Interstates 10 and 12, as far north as Avoyelles Parish and into southern Mississippi.
Jeff Kleinpeter, President, Kleinpeter Farms, said the expansion was undertaken with both the consumer and the area economy in mind.
“Everybody knows Louisiana has the best food anywhere,” Kleinpeter said. “It just makes sense to combine the best home-grown ingredients with the best ice cream and come up with more delicious options for consumers.”
Kleinpeter added that Kleinpeter Farms has a commitment to using as many Louisiana ingredients as possible in its products.
“Not only are we helping our economy by helping local businesses, but when you do that, the money stays here and circulates in the community. It turns over repeatedly and helps other businesses and their employees, plus schools, churches, and charities,” Kleinpeter said.