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Strain backs Allain’s legacy lawsuit bill

May 1, 2012

src=/portal//Portals/0/News/photos/Strain_M_4x5.gifAgriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said he supports Senator Brett Allain’s bill that provides remediation for contaminated oil production sites.
“Senate Bill 760 by Senator Brett Allain provides for the remediation of oilfield exploration and production sites by requiring that the sites be returned to pre-drilling conditions,” Strain said. “Specifically the bill states that no plan for the evaluation or remediation of environmental damage approved by the Department of Natural Resources shall include an exception from existing regulations as to the remediation of environmental media suitable for human consumption, the forestry industry, the fishing industry, the agriculture industry, the aquaculture industry, or coastal restoration, unless the exception has been approved by a panel of state officials including the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry.
“As Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, I also oversee the Office of Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) as well as the Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (AES). Under the Office of Soil and Water Conservation, we are currently responsible for the protection of the land, water and related natural resources of the state in partnership with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. The Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is further charged with protecting human health and the environment by ensuring the proper labeling, distribution, storage, use, application and disposal of pesticides and other agricultural products.”
Strain said responsibilities for conservation and environmental oversight currently lie within the boundaries of his office. 
“I support Senator Allain’s efforts to protect the farmers, foresters and fishers and will serve on this oversight panel if requested,” Strain said.