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Remember, safety comes first

November 17, 2009

Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said fall harvest is now in full swing in Louisiana and he is urging farmers to maintain vigilance when operating farm equipment.
“Please use caution this harvest season,” Strain said. “Give your family something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.”
The National Safety Council recommends operators follow these safety precautions while operating farm equipment:
·        Follow safety guidelines all the time and set a good example for others.
·        Read operator’s manual and warning decals affixed to machinery.
·        Inspect equipment and correct any hazards before operating.
·        Wear shoes and boots with slip-resistant soles and heels.
·        Before dismounting, always shut down equipment, turn off engine, remove key and wait for moving parts to stop.
·        Never attempt maintenance while equipment is running.
·        Never allow extra riders, especially children.
·        Wear a seatbelt, especially when operating tractors equipped with Rollover Protection Structures.
·        Avoid operating tractor near ditches, embankments and holes.
·        Be sure proper shields and guards are in place.
Strain said producers should make safety a top priority in their farm operations.
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