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Protect Homes and Businesses from Pests after Flooding

August 16, 2016


Baton Rouge, La. (August 16, 2016) – Once flooding recedes and repairs begin on homes and businesses, Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., urges builders and homeowners to take steps to prevent the spread of termites and rodents.


“If your community floods and soil around your home or business washes away, you will need to re-treat that area because the termiticide barrier may no longer exist,” Strain said. “Termite bait stations need to be evaluated for replacement as well.  If you have a termite contract, you should contact your pest control company for an inspection.”

Homeowners or business owners who do not have termite contracts should also consider contacting a pest control company since structures that have flooded are prone to infestation by termites. Structures are typically treated with a termite control product  before, during or after construction. Some owners also choose to build with termite-treated or termite-resistant products.

Strain also adds that everyone should be mindful of other pests and rodents that will be attempting to get away from flood waters and looking for food. “Rats carry disease. You may want to get a licensed pest control company to put out traps. Consumers should contact the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry at 225-925-4578 to make sure the pest control companies you hire are fully certified and licensed. This protects you, your family, your home or your business,” said Strain.

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