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NOTICE – Notice of Intent Filed with State Register

Re: LAC 7:XXXIX.913-914 (Prescribed Burning)

April 10, 2015

LDAF has filed a notice of intent with the State Register giving public notice that pursuant to R.S. 3:17(F), LDAF intends to amend its rules (LAC 7:XXXIX.913-914) regarding prescribed burning.  Public comments on the proposed rule are due by 4:00 p.m. on June 19, 2015.  Inquiries may be directed to Wade Dubea, State Forester, P.O. Box 631, Baton Rouge, LA.  The earliest possible effective date of the rules is July 20, 2015.  A copy of the Notice of Intent, signed Fiscal & Economic Impact Statement and Legislative Report can be found here.

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