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NOTICE – Final Rule to be Published on Industrial Hemp Rules and Regulations

June 28, 2022

Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry filed a Rule with the State Register where the Department will amend rules LAC 7:XIII.1303, 1315, 1319, 1321, 1327, 1329, 1332, 1335, 1337, and 1341 of the Industrial Hemp Rules and Regulations. The amendments are being made in accordance with and in relation to: adding additional definitions, clarifying statutory references, adding a USDA form to documentation requirements and notification of analysis release, adding approved varieties and prohibited varieties to approval requirements, adding prohibited variety to prohibitions, adding more categories to production reports, clarifying THC level for negligent violations, adding the USDA platform system for LDAF reporting and clarifying which industrial hemp plants are subject to destruction.

The final rule will be published in the July 2022 State Register.

Public Notice