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NOTICE – Final Rule Published for Forestry

August 23, 2022

Re: Office of Forestry, Prescribed Burner Certification (LAC 7:XXXIX.907-909)

Release Date: 8-23-22

The Department of Agriculture and Forestry submitted the Notice of Intent for the proposed regulations for LAC 7:XXXIX.907-909, amendments to the Prescribed Burner Certification, Office of Forestry, to the Louisiana Register on May 10, 2022. This notice of intent to take the proposed action was published in the Louisiana Register on May 20, 2022.

These rules were finalized and published in the Louisiana Register at LR 48:8, pages 2084-2085 (August 20, 2022).

Click here for the final published rule.

Click here for the Authorization for Promulgation.