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New strawberry labeling law enacted

June 15, 2010

Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said Governor Bobby Jindal recently signed House Bill 430 that will require all strawberries sold in the state to have a “farm of origin” label affixed to the packaging.Our Louisiana strawberry growers produce the best berries in the country,” Strain said. “The labeling will let consumers know they are getting the freshest product possible.”

The bill was initiated by Rep. Stephen E. Pugh of Ponchatoula and signed by Jindal on May 26.
“The strawberry growers saw this as a way to protect the integrity of their industry,” Pugh said. “The Legislature thought so too and it passed unanimously.”
Strain said the measure also provides a useful reference in case food safety or other health issues arise.
“Consumers are concerned about food safety and it’s always good to know where the food we eat was grown, produced, processed or prepared,” he said.
The LDAF’s Food Quality Services staff, along with input from the Louisiana Strawberry Marketing Board, will promulgate the rules and regulation for the enforcement of the law in the coming months, Strain said. The process of creating the new rules will take approximately 120 days.