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Mystery seeds delivered to Louisiana resident 

July 24, 2020

Baton Rouge, La. (July 24, 2020) – Today, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) was notified that a resident in St. Rose, La. received an unsolicited package of seeds originating from China.

At this time, recent reports indicate that unsolicited packages of seeds have been received by people in Utah, Virginia, Washington and the United Kingdom.

“Right now, we are uncertain what types of seeds are in the package. Out of caution, we are urging anyone who receives a package that was not ordered by the recipient, to please call the LDAF immediately,” said Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain, D.V.M. “We need to identify the seeds to ensure they do not pose a risk to Louisiana’s agricultural industry or the environment.”

If you received an unsolicited package of seeds originating from a foreign country, follow the instructions below:

1) Do not open the seed packages.
2)Do not plant seeds from unknown origins.
3) Retain the seeds and packaging, including the mailing label.
4) Do ONE of the following:
       Call the LDAF State Seed Lab at 225-925-4733
Fill out a Seed/Plant Pickup Request
Mail seed packages to the State Plant Health Director:

State Plant Health Director
4354 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd, Suite 150
Baton Rouge, LA 70816