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Mississippi man arrested for livestock theft

December 10, 2009

A Mississippi man was arrested for livestock theft at the Delhi Louisiana Livestock Auction barn Dec. 2, Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said.
Archie Buford, 23, of 1105 Marshall Drive, Terry, Miss. was detained by Louisiana Livestock Brand Commission inspectors at the stockyard on a warrant from Hinds County, Miss. for allegedly stealing eight head of cattle valued at $5,300 from an Edwards, Miss. man.
Mississippi Agricultural Theft Bureau Officer Jeff Stewart obtained the arrest warrant, and with the assistance of the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office, arrested Buford.
Strain said LDAF Livestock Brand inspectors were alerted of the theft Friday, Nov. 27. While performing routine inspection duties Dec. 1, LDAF Brand Inspector Brent Hardy recognized the cattle brand at the Delhi sale barn and contacted Mississippi authorities.
Strain said LDAF Livestock Brand Inspectors are present at every livestock sale around the state recording each animal, brand and owner, and are put on alert when a new theft report is filed.

            “Inspectors were able to identify the stolen cattle by the livestock owner’s unique brand,” Strain said. “Identification like a brand or ear tag is a livestock owner’s first line of defense against thieves. If they fall victim to livestock theft, their valuable property can be easily identified and recovered.”

The cattle were returned to the owner the same day Buford was arrested.
LDAF Brand Commission investigators have regulatory powers authorizing them to investigate farm related crimes.
Strain also urged livestock owners to report any possible thefts to the LDAF Crimestoppers hotline at 1-800-558-9741.