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Milk: “You gotta love it!”

April 1, 2011

Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board’s new television commercial, “You gotta love it!” recently began airing throughout the state.

The commercial featuring Philip Verberne, III, a fifth-generation Louisiana dairy farmer, takes viewers through a day in the life of a dairy farmer. Filmed on location at Verberne’s family farm in Kentwood, the 30-second spot is also a TV debut for Verberne’s young granddaughter, Kenadie, who appears walking with her grandfather and helping bottle-feed a calf.

“Dairy farming in Louisiana is truly a family endeavor,” said Mike Strain, D.V.M., Commissioner of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. “We hope this commercial gives all Louisiana families a glimpse into the life and commitment of our state’s dairy farmers. They work hard every day to put fresh milk, butter, cheese and yogurt on our tables. And they do it because they love it.”

The ad is part of a larger campaign by the Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board that also includes print, radio, and outdoor advertising as well as community partnerships. Under the banner “Milk. The Original Energy Drink.” the campaign aims to promote the consumption of dairy in the state, positioning milk as a healthy alternative to energy and sports drinks.

To view the new commercial, visit and click on the link provided.

The Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board is a unit of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry charged with promoting knowledge of the health-giving qualities and dietary values of Louisiana milk and other dairy products and effectively promoting their consumption.

“The dairy industry has a deep rooted history in our state and the industry is facing hard times with the rising costs of corn and fuel compared to the low price they receive for their product,” Strain said. “I encourage the public to consume three servings of dairy every day; you’ll not only be supporting your health, but you’ll be supporting your neighbors who are hard working farmers like the Verbernes.”
For more information about the board and its marketing and promotional efforts, contact the Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board at 985-345-9483.