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Mike Strain reelected as Ag & Forestry Commissioner

October 22, 2011

Mike Strain was projected to win reelection as Louisiana’s Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner today by a wide margin, according to a Times-Picayune report.
“I am honored that Louisiana voters have shown confidence in me and my organization and returned me to office,” Strain said. “I thank my family, the thousands of people who supported me with their votes and my staff who helped me implement the changes the Department of Agriculture and Forestry needed.
“I will continue to promote Louisiana agriculture, forestry and aquaculture, find efficiencies in our organization and reduce costs expediently.
“The future is bright for Louisiana and American agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, energy and all other resource based industries. There are tremendous opportunities ahead for export and trade, which will revitalize our state and national economy. 
“The bottom line is this: each year the world will grow by more than 75 million persons, reaching over nine billion by the year 2050. 
“We must feed, clothe, house and provide energy worldwide to meet this growing demand and this will result in a tremendous economic impact to all of America.
“It’s a tremendous challenge, but with the support of the agricultural community, I will provide the leadership for the future and bring good things to Louisiana. Thank you for allowing me to serve another four years.”