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Market Bulletin expands to 16 pages

April 22, 2009

While budget crunching has led to a reduction of some state services, the Louisiana Market Bulletin, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s farm journal, is actually expanding, Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said.

“The Market Bulletin has expanded from 12 to 16 pages,” Strain said. “This newspaper has been around for about a hundred years and it’s an invaluable source of information for our farmers, ranchers and foresters.”

The Louisiana Market Bulletin is a bi-weekly newspaper and includes features about agricultural life in Louisiana and items of importance from government and other agencies concerning farming.

The first 16-page edition will be the April 23, 2009 issue, Strain said.

The most popular section of the journal is the classified advertising section dedicated exclusively to state agricultural, ranching, aquaculture and forestry interests.

Strain said the expansion includes more advertising categories, including “Lumber and Sawing,” “Crafts and Woodworks,” and “Sewing and Fabrics.”

“Any resident of Louisiana may place a free classified ad in the Market Bulletin as long as it refers to agriculture or forestry in some way,” Strain said. “We believe the Louisiana Market Bulletin is unique in that its classified advertisements are generally exclusively related to Louisiana agriculture and forestry.

“I encourage anyone that has an item they’d like to buy or sell to place a free ad in the Market Bulletin.”

Strain said the added pages also give the Market Bulletin flexibility to include more announcements of farmers markets, livestock auctions and other events of interest to ag and forestry concerns across the state.

The expansion will also allow popular features like the recipe page to be included in every edition of the Market Bulletin.

“The recipe page is very popular and we hear about it when we don’t have the space to feature it,” Strain said. “We’ve heard you and we have responded. We’ll have a new recipe page every issue.”

Another new feature of the Louisiana Market Bulletin is the inclusion of a Louisiana parish map on page two. The map will help readers quickly find the geographic locale of any item they may wish to purchase from a classified ad or where a listed event is taking place.

The staff of the Louisiana Market Bulletin is Sam Irwin, editor and Laura Pursnell Lindsay, managing editor. Marilyn Mayeux is the advertising assistant.

Strain urged any that wish to advertise to send their notices of classified advertisements, Coming Your Way items, listing of farmers markets, feature story ideas and anything else that may be of interest to the agricultural community to or via fax at 225-922-1289.

Online issues of the Louisiana Market Bulletin may be accessed at The subscription cost is $10 per year.