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LDAF Receives Funding for Specialty Crop Program

October 14, 2020

Baton Rouge, La. (October 14, 2020) – Today, Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain, D.V.M., announced eight Louisiana specialty crop projects will be funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA recently awarded the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) $413,908.20 in grant funding through the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) to support sub-grantee specialty crop projects in Louisiana.

Through a request for applications and panel review process, the LDAF awarded funding to support projects that address bacterial diseases and fungus in mayhaw production, best management practices for container grown citrus, plant-based antimicrobial control of diseases in vegetable seedlings, the effect of antimicrobial properties of turmeric extract to reduce pathogen loads, water testing and management to help specialty crop growers meet federal and market-driven requirements, soil health benefits in sweet potato production, evaluating organic-based fertilizers and herbicides for lawns, and enhancing food safety awareness and market opportunity through good agricultural practices.

“We appreciate every opportunity to promote specialty crops here in the state of Louisiana,” said Strain. It also allows us to support research to help improve our specialty crop industry and increase the quantity and the quality of locally grown food.”

The grant is authorized by the 2018 Farm Bill and awarded to eligible states annually. The LDAF will start accepting new sub-grantee applications for proposed projects that focus on addressing specialty crop industry issues in March of 2021.

For more information, call Michelle Estay at 985-345-9483.