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LDAF re-establishes New Orleans district offices

April 24, 2009

Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry re-established an LDAF district office in New Orleans on April 6.
The new LDAF offices are housed in the United States Department of Agriculture’s Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC) facilities at 1100 Robert E. Lee Boulevard in City Park.
The previous New Orleans LDAF offices were damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and temporarily relocated to an LDAF facility in Hammond.
“It was essential to return our services to New Orleans,” Strain said. “New Orleans has immediate needs when it comes to urban forestry and subterranean Formosan termite issues as well as consumer and animal health concerns.”
Ed Cleveland, SRRC director said it will be beneficial for the country and the state to have both agencies located in the same building.
“We consider having the LDAF field representatives housed at SRRC a win-win situation from both research and cost sharing standpoints,” Cleveland said.  “The Agricultural Research Service of USDA has the mission of researching the highest priority problems faced by our agricultural industries. Having the LDAF representatives co-located with us puts us in close contact with real world problems that exist in this region of Louisiana.
“Also, both state and federal governments are being asked to operate under reduced budgets and consolidation, so having our LDAF partners housed with us is an advantage for all concerned.”
Strain said the former state office building on Loyola Avenue, which previously hosted Agro-Consumer Services, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Animal Health Services offices, remains closed.
The former Forestry office, located in City Park, was flooded with more than six feet of water during Hurricane Katrina and is also closed.
“Our new LDAF location puts all of our New Orleans employees in one location,” Strain said. “The new location will benefit New Orleans and allow the LDAF to better monitor agricultural and forestry issues in the metro area and the river parishes.”
“We’re grateful the USDA and Dr. Cleveland was able to find a place for the LDAF,” Strain added. “We’re ready and able to work with the SRRC to serve the agricultural interests of the state and the New Orleans region.”
The LDAF New Orleans District office is located at 1100 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Room 1034, New Orleans, La. 70124-4305. The phone number is 504-286-1125.