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LDAF Poultry Diagnostic Lab now analyzing chicken litter

October 16, 2008

            Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M. said the LDAF poultry diagnostic laboratory in Homer is now capable of analyzing the nutrient content of chicken litter removed from chicken houses for use as fertilizer in fields.
The lab can now analyze chicken litter and determine the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content for a fee.
“We are very excited to be able to provide an additional service to the poultry producers of this state,” Strain said. “Now that the lab can analyze chicken litter for certain nutrient levels, producers can match the highest level of nutrients in the litter with those pastures that are deficient in the same nutrients and get the most use out of the litter.”
Michael Barrington D.V.M., LDAF poultry diagnostic lab director, said there are other labs that offer the same service at a lower cost but the state facility can have results in one week as opposed to four to six weeks.
            For additional information, contact the LDAF poultry diagnostic lab at 318-927-3441.