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LDAF launches new Web site

April 10, 2008

The Department of Agriculture and Forestry launched an updated, redesigned Web site this week, Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., announced today.

“The Web site is filled with content and features that were not available on the previous site. It will better serve the public as more and more people choose to find information online versus traditional methods,” Strain said.

The department’s Web address remains the same,

Some of the new features include calendars of events and meetings, videos, an Ag for Kids area, frequently asked questions, expanded photo galleries, a statewide toll-free number for calls to the department, and various downloadable forms and applications for licenses and certifications.

“We’ve listened to the public and made every effort to incorporate all of their suggestions and requests,” Strain said. “We will continue to update and post additional information daily and hope to get more feedback from site visitors as to what they would like to see posted on our site.”

The Web site is searchable by keyword, audience and subject, and includes the latest Louisiana agriculture and forestry news in a scrolling banner at the top of the homepage.

“We can use the news banner to announce breaking ag and forestry news, office closings, changes to the time or date of an event, and other items that need the public’s attention. We want to be a valuable source of information and feel the new site accomplishes that,” Strain said.

He pointed to the multimedia area of the site as a progressive way to disseminate new information through the Web.

“We are doing a lot more with video and photography as an agency and want to share this with the public. In order for people to really know what the department does, they need to see us in action, not just read about it,” Strain explained. “The photos are downloadable and can be saved with just the click of a mouse and the video can be watched on a player embedded in the site.”

Information previously found on the site, like press releases, reports and the Market Bulletin, is still available.

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