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Good Fires Prevent Bad Ones

March 3, 2011

     Forestry officials are planning a controlled burn on a 200-acre rural tract in northern Covington Thursday, March 3 if weather permits, Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said.

     Strain said the burn is part of LDAF’s Wildland Urban Interface Program, a program developed over a decade ago to prevent the ignition of homes and structures during a wildfire.

     “As urban sprawl meets forested areas more and more people are affected by wildland fires,” Strain said. “Prescribed fire or controlled burning is one of the most effective tools foresters use to reduce the severity and spread of wildfires.”

     LDAF State Forester Wade Dubea said prescribed burning reduces fallen pine needles and dead wood that is dry and easily ignited, and improves wildlife habitat and overall forest health.

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