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Evacuations due to wildland fires in North Caddo Parish advised

September 5, 2011

State Forestry officials are advising north Caddo Parish residents to prepare themselves and their homes for possible evacuation because of wildfire danger.
A large fire estimated at 1,000 acres and growing is burning north of Oil City and traveling at a rate of three miles per hour. High winds are fanning the fires and creating adverse firefighting conditions.
Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain said local authorities are currently going house to house advising residents to evacuate.
“These are serious fires and we are asking all resident’s in harm’s way to be prepared to evacuate immediately,” Strain said. “If a parish deputy or a local fire department official knocks on your door and advise you to evacuate, please cooperate.”
LDAF firefighting crews are currently battling two fires of more than a 1,000 acres each and seven smaller fires in Caddo Parish. Of the nine fires, four are described as “major.”
All available state resources including Louisiana Air National Guard Blackhawk helicopters are being requested.
Currently, 10 firefighting units are engaged and six more are enroute from neighboring parishes. A United State Forest Service Type 3 helicopter with a helibucket is deployed.