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Coach Les Miles featured in Louisiana turfgrass ad campaign

November 4, 2011

vspace=5Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said Coach Les Miles will appear in a statewide ad campaign promoting “Louisiana Grown” turfgrass.
Miles’ image will be used in a series of outdoor, print and web ads that will promote Louisiana Grown turfgrass and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s (LDAF) Specialty Crop Program. 
“We couldn’t have dreamed of a better spokesperson for Louisiana turfgrass than Les Miles,” Strain said. “Les is not only a national championship-winning head coach and a respected figure in the state, but he also happens to have a genuine appreciation for turfgrass.”
Strain said the billboards and ads will be in the public eye in the coming weeks.
Miles was famously captured on camera last year chewing on a blade of grass during the LSU-Alabama football game.
Miles has embraced the publicity.
“Nothing beats Louisiana Grown turfgrass,” Miles said. “It’s local, fresh, and reliable. And it’s the grass of champions, whether you chew it for luck or not!”
Louisiana turfgrass has advantages for the local consumer, said Ron Strahan, LSU AgCenter associate professor. Strahan represents turfgrass farmers throughout the state.
“It’s fresher, for one thing,” Strahan said. “The location of the turfgrass farm really does make a difference. Because Louisiana turfgrass travels from farm to lawn quicker it’s less susceptible to transplant shock.”
“We’re proud to have Coach Miles and Commissioner Strain working with our industry to inform consumers about Louisiana’s exceptional grass.”
In addition to the billboards and print ads, Strain said posters of the Les Miles ad will be distributed to nurseries and retail outlets throughout the state.
“You can’t buy a better product than locally-grown turfgrass,” Strain said. “Support your farming neighbors and demand Louisiana Grown turfgrass.” 
The Louisiana Grown turfgrass campaign is funded through the Louisiana Specialty Crops Program, which is administered by the LDAF.
The United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA-AMS), as directed by the 2008 Farm Bill, has issued funds to states to increase the competitiveness of their specialty crops. The turfgrass project is just one of Louisiana’s funded projects. Other commodities, like strawberries, citrus, sweet potatoes, and pecans, have also received assistance in recent years.
For more information about the Louisiana Grown turfgrass marketing campaign or the Louisiana Specialty Crops Program, contact Michelle Estay, LDAF commodity promotion and research director at 985-345-9483 or visit