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Cat tests positive for rabies in Iberia Parish

December 18, 2009

Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said a stray cat in Iberia Parish tested positive for rabies on Friday, Dec. 18.
One person has been exposed.
Strain said the strain of rabies virus has not yet been determined. The most common carriers of rabies are bats, raccoons and skunks.
“Animal owners must be vigilant in vaccinating their animals for rabies,” Strain said. “You could be at risk if your animals are not kept up-to-date on vaccinations.”
Rabies is a disease caused by the rabies virus. The disease is transmitted through saliva usually through a bite. All mammals are susceptible to the rabies virus. The incubation period can vary greatly in animals, but typically is from 10 to 200 days after exposure to the virus.
Symptoms can include aggression, increased salivation, disorientation and paralysis.
According to Louisiana law it is mandatory to vaccinate dogs, cats and ferrets against rabies. Animals must receive a series of two vaccinations; the first must be administered at three months of age; the second administered one year after the initial vaccination. Boosters are also required either every one or three years thereafter.
LDAF animal health officials urge pet owners to keep their pets current on rabies vaccinations and away from any animal, wild or domesticated, if it is acting unusual. If there are strays or wildlife roaming your neighborhood, report it to the local animal control authority.
For more information on rabies, contact your local veterinarian or visit