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Management & Finance

The Office of Management and Finance is comprised of the Executive Office and the following functional areas: Support Services, Auditing, Fleet and Facility Maintenance, Food Distribution, and Personnel and Payroll. All functions related to accounting and budget control, procurement, contract management, program analysis, management information systems, auditing, personnel, payroll, fleet management, building maintenance, printing and typesetting, and Federal grants for all sections of the Department are performed within the Office of Management and Finance.

Functional Areas of Marketing & Finance

Administrative Support Services

Administrative Services offers employee support and management regarding Property Control, Fleet Records, Printing, Mailing, Messenger Services, Central Receiving, Central Supply, Archiving, and Warehousing.


The Procurement Department procures goods and services to sustain, foster and support the administrative missions of the Department. Purchasing strives to maintain the most efficient operations possible serving customers as timely, economically, and transparently as possible, while adhering to the requirements of state and federal laws and rules and regulations, as well as Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry policy.

Fleet & Facility

The Fleet and Facility division maintains the statewide pool of road vehicles and heavy equipment at the 34 remote office locations of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Office Locations

Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is responsible for receiving and auditing documents from field offices before submitting to purchasing for payment. Budget is part of that audit, making sure that funds are available and coding is correct. The request for the use of new funds in the upcoming year is submitted by this section.


The Auditing Section provides audits, examinations, and accounting for certain major annual programs within the department.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Section is responsible for hiring, payroll, performance evaluation, workers compensation benefits, eeo/affirmative action, insurance, discipline, and records retention for current and former employees.

Human Resources serves as the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s centralized division for personnel services, payroll, and employee benefits. The division provides services for approximately 799 classified employees and approximately 800 unclassified employees, including seasonal and temporary workers in our nurseries and the federally funded Boll Weevil Eradication program, plus various boards and commissions within the Department. Approximately 60 percent of the Department’s employees are located throughout the state.

The Human Resources office also serves as custodian of all active and inactive employee records and documents, and also serves as the central processing office for all personnel documents and forms which must be filed with other agencies.

Human Resources is responsible for coordinating all benefits programs, including retirement, worker’s compensation, insurance, and training programs. The Human Resources division makes training schedules available to all employees, coordinates registration, and also develops and/or secures special training courses when needed to meet specific needs of the agency. Additionally, Human Resources maintains all pertinent worker’s compensation records of claims and serves as liaison between employee, medical providers and the state worker’s compensation insurance carrier.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services provides management for the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry’s 35 locations of computing systems and supports 700-plus users on more than 100 custom and third-party software applications. The division assists users in the areas of licensing, permitting, registrations, inspections, testing, accounting, document imaging, printing, mapping, hardware installation, repairs, telecommunications, email, maintenance, and archiving.

Louisiana Agricultural Finance Authority (LAFA)

The Louisiana Agricultural Finance Authority (LAFA) has the power to provide financial assistance to the Louisiana agricultural community. It has financed, constructed and owns most of the office buildings and supporting facilities utilized by the department.

LAFA Meeting Agendas, Minutes and more may be found HERE

Agriculture Recovery Grant & Loan Information

Louisiana Agribusiness Recovery Loan Information


The Revenue Division invoices, collects, processes, and reports all revenues that come into the department.

LDAF Response to Commission on Streamlining Government Survey

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2008 Financial Disclosure Rules