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Louisiana Grown Real. Fresh. Logo Program

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) developed Louisiana Grown Real. Fresh. to identify and promote Louisiana agricultural specialty crops and the value-added food products of such crops grown, harvested, and processed in Louisiana. The goal of the Louisiana Grown Real. Fresh. logo program is to provide Louisiana specialty crop producers the ability to connect with the consumer and have their products easily recognized as local products through statewide branding and promotion efforts that encourage consumers to buy fresh local products within the state of Louisiana.

The Louisiana Grown Real. Fresh. logo branding is designed to create consumer awareness and increased consumption of Louisiana specialty crops. The logo is trademarked and will be licensed free of charge to specialty crop producers who apply for use and have been deemed eligible. Wholesalers, farmers’ markets, and retailers selling Louisiana grown specialty crops can also apply for use of the logo for advertising and promotional purposes. The logo may be used on containers, packages, and/or labels that hold or contain 100% Louisiana grown specialty crop products and on promotional items, such as signs, tee-shirts, bumper stickers, bags, and aprons, also in ads and other promotional materials.