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Incidents and Complaints

Pesticide Related Complaints

24 Hour LDAF Emergency Hotline
Pesticide Emergencies
(such as pesticide spills and health-related pesticide incidents)

The Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) is the state agency responsible for investigating complaints of pesticide use or misuse. Pesticide is a general term that includes herbicides (weed control), insecticides (insect control), fungicides (fungus control) and rodenticides (mice/rat control), and others. All pesticides must be registered with both the state of Louisiana and the US EPA before the pesticide is sold or used in Louisiana. Pesticide applicators must strictly follow all requirements and restrictions on the pesticide label.

Complaints related to pesticide use or misuse must be put in writing. Please note that the LDAF has no authority to seek compensation on the behalf of any complainant. The LDAF has district offices located throughout Louisiana listed below. Please call the district office in your area or if an incident occurs after normal working hours, please call the 24 Hour LDAF Emergency Hotline at 1-855-452-5323.

Investigations involving possible injury to humans and animals are given the highest priority for investigation. If you believe that you, a family member, your pet or other animal has been harmed from a pesticide exposure, immediately seek advice and or medical attention from a medical/veterinary professional first before calling the LDAF to file a complaint. A medical/veterinary professional is the best person to assist you in dealing with your immediate health concerns.

After seeking medical attention, promptly place all clothes/footwear or other items that were worn the day/time of the alleged injury in a clean plastic bag and put the bag in a freezer.

After seeking medical/veterinary attention, call the LDAF to report your complaint. This should be done soon after your discovery to insure sufficient information can be gathered in an investigation.

Upon receipt of a complaint, LDAF staff will begin an investigation and promptly obtain pertinent information from the complainant and the alleged pesticide applicator. Such information may include:

  1. Who/what was injured/damaged
  2. Where the damage occurred
  3. What are the symptoms of injury/damage
  4. Date and time that the pesticide misuse or exposure occurred
  5. Who is responsible
  6. What pesticide product may be involved

LDAF District Office Map & Contacts