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Plant Pest Quarantine Programs

Plant pest quarantine programs are administered through the State Entomologist Crop Pests and Diseases Law, the Sweet Potato Dealers Law and Sweet Potato Pests and Diseases Law, and the Plant Pest Quarantine Regulations. Additionally, we work cooperatively with USDA-APHIS in its various plant pest programs. Every effort is made to utilize the latest scientific data and technology to insure that products certified are in fact free from pests, while minimizing the impact on industry and allowing free trade. The focus of these programs is to reduce pest risk, exclude pests not currently in the state, and enhance exports of Louisiana agricultural products. Some of the major program areas are the Nursery Grower Certification Program, Sweetpotato Weevil Program, State Plant Pest Quarantines, Federal Plant Pest Quarantines, Export Certification, Genetically Engineered Organisms, and the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Program (CAPS).

Citrus Quarantine Areas & Requirements – 2019

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Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey

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