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Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The mission of the Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is to ensure that animal feeds, pet foods, fertilizers, agricultural liming materials and pesticides meet all requirements of law; to monitor, prevent, control and eradicate plant pests and diseases that threaten Louisiana’s agriculture, environment and economy; to facilitate agricultural exports through certification of products; to oversee the qualifications and practices of persons engaged in the green industry; to protect human health and the environment by ensuring the proper labeling, distribution, storage, use, application and disposal of pesticides, and by thorough enforcement of all pesticide laws; to ensure that seed sold for planting meets label guarantees and quality standards; and to ensure a safe, abundant supply of food and fiber.

The Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is comprised of four divisions: Agricultural Chemistry Programs, Horticulture and Quarantine Programs, Pesticide and Environmental Programs and Seed Programs.

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Agricultural & Environmental Sciences District Office Map
Agricultural Chemistry Programs
Horticulture and Quarantine Programs
Pesticide and Environmental Programs
Seed Programs
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