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Louisiana Industrial Hemp Program

     Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all visitors of LDAF offices statewide must adhere to  COVID-19 prevention measures.  LDAF continues to accept industrial hemp applications via mail, Fedex and UPS. 
     Applicants should continue to contact the LDAF industrial hemp program staff by phone at 225-925-4863 or by email with any questions they may have.

On Dec. 23, 2019, Louisiana’s state industrial hemp plan was approved by the USDA. As of Dec. 27, 2019, the LDAF Industrial Hemp Program began accepting license applications to produce, transport and process industrial hemp in Louisiana. Please continue to monitor this website for updated information on the status of the program and additional information on how to become a licensed grower, transporter or processor of industrial hemp.

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USDA Announces Hemp Crop Insurance Available for 2020

WASHINGTON, August 27, 2019 — Certain industrial hemp growers will be able to obtain insurance coverage under the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) program for crop year 2020. USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) today announced coverage for hemp grown for fiber, flower or seeds, which will be available to producers who are in areas covered by USDA-approved hemp plans or who are part of approved state or university research pilot programs. Read the full USDA press release here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Industrial Hemp?

A. According to state and federal law, “Industrial hemp” includes all plant parts and varieties of the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of the plant cultivated or possessed by an industrial hemp licensee, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.

Q. Is it currently legal to grow Industrial Hemp in Louisiana?

A. No. It is not legal to grow Industrial Hemp in Louisiana at this time.  Upon approval of Louisiana’s state plan by USDA (Dec. 23, 2019) and adoption of state regulations (pending), only LDAF approved licensed growers will be allowed to grow industrial hemp in Louisiana.

Q. When should I be able to grow Industrial Hemp?

A. While Louisiana’s industrial hemp state plan was approved by USDA on Dec. 23, 2019 and state rules are pending final adoption, it is anticipated that the LDAF can begin issuing licenses to accommodate the 2020 planting season. However, this is only anticipation based on current circumstances.  Situations beyond LDAF’s control could develop that may delay the anticipated date.

Q. What is the role of Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) with industrial hemp?

A. The LDAF was granted the authority to regulate the production of industrial hemp in Louisiana through LA R.S. 3:1461-1472 et. seq.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the Industrial Hemp Act?

A. A copy of the Law can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

Q. I am interested in growing industrial hemp.  Do I need a license?

A. Yes, any person growing, handling, transporting or processing industrial hemp or hemp seed is required to possess a current license issued by LDAF’s Industrial Hemp Program. Industrial Hemp (CBD) products fall under the authority of LDH, Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

Q. Who will be approving and issuing the licenses for the program?

A. The LDAF’s Industrial Hemp Program.

Q. Who may obtain a license grow, transport or process industrial hemp?

A. Any person who applies and meets all requirements of Louisiana’s industrial hemp law and regulations.

Q. What is the procedure to apply for a License?

A. All potential applicants will be required to submit a completed application, background check and license fees to LDAF’s Industrial Hemp Program. Interested persons should monitor LDAF’s website for updated information on how to apply for a license.

Q. Will the LDAF conduct Laboratory Testing?

A. Yes, the Department will sample and test, or have tested all industrial hemp to determine THC concentration levels.

Q. What are the requirements to obtain an industrial hemp license?

A. Refer to Section 1465 of the Industrial Hemp Law (CLICK HERE) for information on licensing requirements. The regulations, once developed, will further define licensing requirements.

Q. Who do I contact for more information concerning the industrial hemp program?

A. Interested persons should contact the LDAF’s Industrial Hemp Program staff by phone at 225-925-4733, or by email at

Q. Is there a limitation to the number of licenses that will be issued?

A. No, all applicants meeting licensing requirements under Section 1465 and pursuant regulations of the Industrial Hemp Law may obtain an Industrial Hemp license.

Q. Is there a minimum number of production acres required to be a licensed hemp grower?

A. No, the Louisiana Industrial Hemp Act does not require a minimum acreage.

Q. Can I grow industrial hemp plants in my backyard garden?

A. Yes, providing that you are properly licensed; the plant material meets the definition industrial hemp, and the plant material is being produced in compliance with the requirements of the Industrial Hemp Law and pursuant regulations.

Q. What type of Industrial Hemp License do I need?

A. The Act requires four separate industrial hemp licenses. 1) Grower License – authorizes the licensee to cultivate, handle and transport industrial hemp regardless of the intended use; 2) Processor License – authorizes the licensee to handle, process and transport industrial hemp; 3) Seed Producer – authorizes the licensee to produce, transport and sell industrial hemp seed, and 4) Contract Carrier – authorizes the licensee to transport industrial hemp; required when the transporter is not the licensed grower or processor of the plant material.

Q. Are there any pesticides approved for use on industrial hemp?

A. Yes, in addition to the 25b “Minimum Risk” products, EPA has recently approved adding hemp to the use sites of 10 pesticides. These approved pesticides can be viewed by clicking here:

Q. What are the requirements for Industrial Hemp Consultants?

A. All Industrial Hemp Consultants must comply with the LDAF Pesticide & Environmental Programs regulations including approval by the Advisory Commission on Pesticides and successful completion of exams.
Forms for consultants :
For additional information on consulting for industrial hemp, contact the Pesticide & Environmental Programs  by phone at 225-952-3763 or by email at

Q. What is the procedure for a State Background Check?

A. Louisiana fingerprint based background check (Right To Review) through the Louisiana State Police (both of the below forms filled out completely and a set of completed fingerprints cards) and required payment need to be submitted to LSP so the state background check can be completed.   A local law enforcement agency from another state can fingerprint the applicant needing the set of fingerprint cards that will be submitted as part of their packet for Louisiana background purposes.  This process will give the applicant their Louisiana Criminal History Only.

The state background check will need to be submitted as part of the application packet for the applicant, business designated responsible party and all key participants.

Q. What is the procedure for a Federal Background Check?

A. The below link pertains to the submitting of a set of fingerprints cards to the FBI for Federal Criminal History information. Applicants should choose Option 2 “Submit Your Request Directly to the FBI via the Mail”, and choose” Personal Review” for the “Reason for Request”.   The federal background check will need to be submitted as part of the application packet for the applicant, business designated responsible party and all key participants. -history-summary-checks

Q. I am applying for multiple licenses. Am I required to submit separate state and federal background checks with each application?

A. No, applicants for multiple licenses are only required to provide one state and federal background check report, so long as the background check was performed within 60 days of the application date.

Q. Are holders of a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) eligible for Industrial Hemp Licenses? 
A. Yes, holders of Permanent Resident Cards are eligible for all industrial hemp licenses so long as all other license requirements are met.

Q. LDAF requires a third-party laboratory “Certificate of Analysis (COA)” for THC concentration of the parent material of all industrial hemp seed being shipped into Louisiana.  As a purchaser, what should I look for on my COA to determine if the testing laboratory is legitimate?

A. A COA from a legitimate laboratory will contain the laboratory name and contact information as well as test results and other information.  They should also have accreditation or affiliation with a federal or private national organization, such as ISO or DEA. Individuals may refer to the list of DEA approved laboratories found on the USDA website.  Additionally, LDAF staff will review each COA submitted with the Seed Acquisition Request form for legitimacy.

Q. I want to market a CBD product. What are the requirements?

A. All CBD products must be registered through LDH. They can be reached at (225) 925-4041.

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