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Crawfish Tales – Fried Catfish with Mirliton Salad

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Fried Catfish with Mirliton Salad

First, make your Mirliton Salad.

Ingredient List:
3 Mirliton, peeled julienned
1 CUP Cucumber, seeds removed, diced
1 CUP Yellow squash, outer skin, diced
1 CUP Zucchini, outer skin, diced
1 CUP Tomato, filets, diced

Steps for making product:
Prepare all vegetables as directed. Mix in a bowl.

Now to fry some catfish!

Ingredient list:
2 LBS Louisiana catfish filets, cut into 3 oz strips
1 TBSP Cajun spice
1 TBSP Fresh lemon juice
2 CUPS Cold water
1 BAG Louisiana certified fish fry mix
Canola oil for frying

Steps for making product:
Combine spices, lemon juice & water in a bowl
Place filet in seasoned water mixture, then dredge in fish fry. Shake to remove excess & gently place in 350° oil. Fry until internal temperature is 145° & until golden brown. Plate salad & top with fried fish.

Chef Yvette Bonanno and LDAF Commissioner Mike Strain DVM
Chef Yvette Bonanno and LDAF Commissioner Mike Strain DVM

Let’s finish it off with a Citrus Herb Dressing.

Ingredient List:
2 Lemons, juice, seeds removed
1 Lime, juice
1 Orange, juice, seeds removed
¼ CUP Rice wine vinegar
½ CUP Olive oil
2 TBSP Apricot preserve
2 TBSP Italian flat leaf parsley, chopped
2 TBSP Chives, chopped
Kosher salt & pinch of cayenne

Steps for making product:
Mix all ingredients for the dressing in a mixing bowl. Whisk well. Add to vegetables & allow to set for 30 min – 1 hour. To serve, place drained Mirliton Salad on a plate & top with fried catfish.