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Scales, Taxi Meters, and Flow Meters

Scale Inspections

Scale Registration Fees
Category 10 to 1,000 lbs.$50
Category 21,001 to 10,000 lbs.$115
Category 3Over 10,000 lbs.$215

At least once a year, and more often if deemed necessary, weights & measures inspectors inspect, test, and try all weighing and measuring devices commercially used for suitability, accuracy and correctness. This includes, but is not limited to, scales ranging in size from very precise jewelry scales to large railroad track scales capable of weighing up to 300,000 pounds.

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What to expect during an inspection

The inspector may ask to see a current scale registration to compare the actual number of scales in use, compared to the number registered with the department. The inspector needs to have ready access to all scales; therefore, someone in the business should have knowledge of the location of each scale.

Known test weights, certified as accurate by the department’s metrology laboratory, are placed on the scale to make sure the device is accurate. Devices within tolerance are sealed. Devices out of tolerance are given a reasonable number of working days to be repaired by a licensed scale company. After the devices that are rejected are repaired, an inspector will perform a retest and affix a current approval seal.

Mass Flow Meters

The Weights & Measures division annually conducts inspections/certifications of “mass” flow meters that are designed to measure the mass, or mass and density of liquids used commercially (industry type applications). The annual registration fee is $250.00 per meter.

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Taxi Meter Inspections

Weights & Measures Division conducts annual tests of all commercial taxi meters that automatically calculate rates and indicate a charge for hire, to determine compliance with distance and time tolerances. Taxis must have their meters tested and sealed annually.

Taxicab Registration Fee – Per Cab

Category 1:  $50 Per Meter – Click here to pay online

A state charge of $3 for electronic commerce will be added to your invoice in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 49:316.1

What to expect during an inspection:

  • Drivers meet at a driving course and are asked for their license and registration.
  • Inspectors first ensure that the initial drop for riding is correct.
  • Next, the inspector verifies that the meter drops correctly. This is measured for approximately four minutes.
  • Then the inspector rides with the taxi driver for two miles documenting that every approved fraction the meter is charging the correct monetary value.
  • An inspection report is filled out along with a registration form if the meter passes inspection.
  • A passing meter receives a seal of the current year assuring consumers that they are riding in an inspected/certified metered cab.

For questions, contact Weights and Measures at 225-925-3780.

Weighmaster Licensing

A license is required of individuals in charge of weighing commodities being bought from or sold to the public when a charge is made for such weighing or a certificate of weight is issued. Applicants must pass the required test of his knowledge of weighing equipment. Retail consumer outlets and individuals weighing pre-packed commodities are exempt.

Weighmaster License Fees

Category 1: $100 per weighmaster – Click here to pay online