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Motor Fuels Program

The Motor Fuels Program regulates the sale and quality of motor fuels in Louisiana. The program includes a centralized Motor Fuels Laboratory whose primary function is to validate that all fuels sold in the state meet certain octane ratings, chemical and/or physical requirements established by Louisiana laws and regulations. The testing performed follows prescribed ASTM methods. Employees in the field perform statewide inspections to ensure that fuel dispensing devices are operating within established guidelines for volume dispensed, total price computation and dispenser labeling. In addition, they will randomly sample fuel for specialized testing to assure quality products are sold to the consumer. This program is also responsible for investigating consumer complaints involving the sale and/or quality of motor fuels in the state

The Motor Fuel Program maintains and enforces minimum performance standards and specifications for most petroleum and related motor fuel products (gasoline, gasoline/oxygenate blends, diesel and biodiesel fuel) offered for sale or sold in Louisiana and for the devices used to dispense these products. Additionally, the program regulates the advertising and labeling of these products but does not regulate the cost. 

Weights and Measures officials inspect all motor fuel dispensers at least once a year to confirm they are operating within established tolerances. The official also verifies that the device meets specifications set forth by NIST Handbook 44. Upon completion of the inspection, a lead seal is applied to the point of calibration to prevent tampering. 

All fuel storage tanks are checked with an appropriate water detection paste to ensure that water levels are at or below the maximum allowable levels. To ensure the quality of each grade of motor fuel, random samples are drawn and tested in the field for water. These samples are then forwarded to the Motor Fuels Lab for further testing and analysis to ensure quality and conformance with Louisiana specifications. After verifying the dispenser and fuels dispensed meet all the above requirements, a current Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry seal is placed on the dispenser.


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The first priority of the division is to investigate consumer complaints if someone feels that they have been overcharged or the quantity of a product that they have purchased is misrepresented in some way, or the motor fuel they have bought is contaminated by water or particulate matter. Consumers have often brought a problem to the attention of the division which has lead to the prosecution of companies for overcharging or inaccurate weighing or measuring practices.

Complaints can be reported to the Office of Agro-Consumer Services Division of Weights and Measures at 1-800-247-1086 during regular business hours.

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