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Metrology Lab

Metrology Services

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Metrology Laboratory is the state metrology lab under the office of Agro-Consumer Services and the Division of Weights and Measures.

The purpose of the Metrology Laboratory is to:

  1. Maintain the official standards of mass and volume for the State of Louisiana;
  2. Maintain traceability via the National Institute of Standards and Technology;
  3. Calibrate and certify standards and instruments for state and industry clientele;
  4. Serve state government by providing technical assistance in the measuring field.

State law (LRS 3:4621) requires that the standards used in testing and quality control must be certified yearly by an institution that maintains traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The Metrology Laboratory is the only consumer protection agency in the state of Louisiana that services standards for state government, commerce, industry, and research institutions. State government customers include consumer protection and regulatory agencies such as the LDAF Weights and Measures Division and Motor Fuels programs. Commerce and industry customers served by the LDAF Metrology Lab come from a variety of sectors including scale manufacturer and repair, petrochemical and chemical, energy, food, healthcare, biomedical, and manufacturing. Mass Echelon III and Volume Echelon II (volume transfer) comprise the current areas of service.

Traceability Certificate

Metrology Fees for Calibration ServicesFee
Category 1: Weights up to and including 10 lbs. or 5 kg.$7
Category 2: Weights over 10 lbs. or 5kg and including 100 lbs. or 60 kg.$10
Category 3: Weights over 100 lbs. or 60 kg. and including 1000 lbs. or 500 kg.$25
Category 4: Weights over 1000 lbs. or 500 kg.$50
Category 5: 5 gal. Test Measures and J-Provers$30

**Any tolerance adjustment for categories 1-4 will be charged an additional fee of $10 per weight.


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