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A state charge of $3 for electronic commerce will be added to your invoice
in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 49:316.1


At least once a year, Weights & Measures inspectors inspect and test all commercial weighing and measuring devices for suitability, accuracy, and correctness. This includes, but is not limited to, scales ranging in size from very precise jewelry scales to large railroad track scales capable of weighing up to 300,000 pounds.

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

0 to 1,000 lbs

1,001 -10,000 lbs

Over 10,000 lbs




Mass Flow Meters

The Weights & Measures division annually conducts inspections/certifications of mass flow meters that are designed to measure the mass, or mass and density of liquids used for industrial applications.

 The annual registration fee is $250.00 per meter.

Taxi Meters

Weights & Measures Division conducts annual tests of all commercial taxi meters that automatically calculate rates and indicate a charge for hire, to determine compliance with distance and time tolerances. Taxis must have their meters tested and sealed annually.

  • Taxicab Registration Fee – Per Cab: $50 Per Meter 

Weighmaster Licensing

LDAF requires those responsible for the weighing of commodities to obtain a weighmaster license and pass the weighmaster exam.

The exam fee is $100 per weighmaster and can be paid online.

Retail consumer outlets and individuals weighing pre-packaged commodities are exempt.

Package Inspections

Weights and Measures inspectors inspect packaged commodities in retail and wholesale establishments throughout Louisiana to determine whether they contain the amounts represented and whether they comply with Weights & Measures Law.

There is no charge for package inspections.

Scanners and Price Verification Inspections

Weights and Measures employees inspect scanners annually to verify that prices charged for scanned items reflect the advertised, posted, or displayed price for those items.  When a scanned item produces a price that is either over or under the advertised, posted, or displayed price, it is considered an error.

Annual Fees:





# of scanners (per location)



More than 25

Total fee (not per scanner)




Louisiana Law (LRS 3:4607) requires Weights and Measures inspectors to inspect and test all scanning devices to ensure that prices are posted for items offered for sale and the prices are accurate.

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