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FAQ – Motor Fuels Program

Can gas be watered down?
There is no tolerance for water in gasoline. Locations cannot “water down” gasoline.

Can a gas can hold more than 5 gallons of fuel?
Yes, a gas can can hold more than 5 gallons of fuel.

Does LDAF test all motor fuel dispensers in the state?
LDAF’s Motor Fuels Program inspectors test fuel dispensing devices from every corner of the  state. We inspect over 73,000 retail motor fuels devices at over 3,100 locations annually. All devices are inspected on an annual basis.

How often do retail motor fuel devices fail inspection?
On average, over 95 percent of retail motor fuels devices pass all inspection criteria on the first inspection every year. The roughly 5 percent that do not pass, fail for numerous reasons including but not limited to calibration, customer displays, leaks, etc…

Who investigates consumer complaints for retail motor fuel devices, and fuel quality?
LDAF Weights and Measures receives and investigates an average of 350 and 400 consumer complaints annually on retail motor fuels devices. All complaints received are investigated by LDAF Weights and Measures Inspectors.

How does the LDAF determine if fuel being sold to the consumer meets the State and Federal requirements?
LDAF has an in-house Motor Fuels Laboratory that performs quality analysis on fuel sold throughout our state. The testing determines if a motor fuel is contaminated with water, as well as verifies fuel quality standards are met.

Who enforces fuel quality requirements in Louisiana?
The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s Weights and Measures Division enforces regulations that are in place to ensure the fuel meets all state and federal requirements.

What happens if the department finds fuel that does not meet requirements?
If any gasoline is found to not meet the requirements set forth by our Louisiana Weights and Measures rules and regulations, it is red tagged and sale of the product is stopped.

How do consumers know if the oil they are buying is the viscosity it is labeled as?
LDAF Weights and Measures samples and test motor oil for proper viscosity labeling from both retail outlets and automotive service centers.

What are some tips for consumers to protect themselves when purchasing motor fuels?

  • Pay with a credit card or pay cash inside and print and keep your receipt.
  • Be aware of what fuel your vehicle is capable of running. This can usually be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  • Pay attention to signage to verify you are putting the correct fuel in your vehicle.
  • Ask store personnel for clarification if you are not sure what is being offered for sale at the location.
  • Report any fuel quality issues to LDAF, via the fuel hotline at 1-800-247-1086, as quickly as possible.