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Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

The Specialty Crop Block Grant Program funds Louisiana projects that solely enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops through promotion and research development programs that serve farmers and consumers through state trade shows, retail promotions, chef demonstrations, media advertising, education and research. The intent is to fund projects that can produce the highest degree of measurable benefits to Louisiana specialty crop producers in relation to each dollar spent.

2023 Specialty Crop Block Grant Request for Applications

2023 Louisiana SPCBG Application Packet Checklist  

Louisiana SCBGP Grant Application Cover Page (pdf) (doc)

Grantee Self-Assessment of Internal Control and Risks Document (pdf) (doc)

2023 Project Profile Template (pdf) (doc)

SCBGP Performance Measures

Federal SF-424

Below are links to USDA websites to reference additional information on the SCBGP. These are links used to put together each state’s master state plan, but there are also sample projects and other examples included within that may help and assist with your completion of the Louisiana application packet.