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Dairy Division

The Dairy Division’s regulation of the Louisiana dairy industry assures consumers a continued supply of high quality dairy products at fair and reasonable prices. Given the short shelf-life of fluid dairy products, orderly marketing is imperative to both the consuming public and the milk producers. The division works to help ensure that dairy farmers, processors, distributors and retailers receive a fair price and a stable market for their products.

The Dairy Division has two program areas consisting of the Milk Bonding Law and the Dairy Stabilization Board.

Milk Bonding Law

The Milk Bonding Program is designed to guarantee the payment for milk sold by the farmer to the processing plant or cooperative. This program is a necessary program of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry to guarantee that our farmers will receive payment for milk purchased by all Louisiana milk plants and cooperatives.

Dairy farmers are the only farmers whose product is sold and consumed before they are paid for the milk. Previously, it has been necessary to invoke the bond on several processors who went out of business to ensure payment.

Dairy Stabilization Board

The Dairy Stabilization Board addresses problems created in the marketplace and provides a regulatory program that is designed to stabilize the Louisiana dairy industry in order to assure an adequate supply of healthy and wholesome dairy products.

The board is empowered to prevent persons, partnerships and corporations from using unfair methods of competition, unfair or deceptive acts or practices and disruptive trade practices in the sale of milk and milk products. Also, the board investigates complaints regarding violations of its regulations and audits the financial records of processors, distributors and retailers to determine the costs of manufacturing, selling and delivering of dairy products.

For any questions, please contact René Simon, Dairy Division Director.