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Agro-Consumer Services

Fuel InspectionFuel Inspection


LDAF inspectors check fuel quality and ensure consumers get what they pay for.



The Creole tomato is the official state vegetable.


About Us

Agro-Consumer Services consists of the Agricultural Commodities Commission, the Dairy Division, and the Weights and Measures Division.

The Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission provides an effective program of regulation for the Louisiana grain and cotton industry by ensuring producers are able to sell to licensed and bonded grain dealers and store their agricultural products at licensed and bonded warehouses. The commission maintains an official grain inspection and moisture meter testing program to provide cost effective services to producers and grain companies. In addition, the commission maintains a cotton merchant program to assure producers that the companies buying cotton are financially able to pay.

The Dairy Division’s regulation of the Louisiana dairy industry assures consumers a continued supply of high quality dairy products at fair and reasonable prices. The division works to help ensure that dairy farmers, processors, distributors and retailers receive a fair price and a stable market for their products. The Dairy Division has two program areas consisting of the Bonding Law and the Dairy Stabilization Board.

The Division of Weights and Measures regulates many aspects of commerce and trade in the state. The division ensures equity prevails in the marketplace for both buyers and sellers by inspecting over 100,000 commercial weighing, measuring, metering and barcode scanning devices. In addition, commodities sold by weight, measure or count are inspected to ensure consumers are getting what they pay for. Items inspected include food and dairy products, household products, gardening products, firewood and hundreds of other products purchased daily by consumers and businesses.

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