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Certified Organic Cost-Share Program

The  Organic Certification Cost Share Program (OCCSP) provides cost-share assistance to producers and handlers of agricultural products who are obtaining or renewing their certification under the National Organic Program (NOP).

Certified organic producers or handlers in Louisiana are eligible for a partial reimbursement of organic certification costs on an annual basis. The amount of the LDAF state rebate will equal 50% of the cost of organic certification up to a maximum of $500.00, but shall not be in an amount which, when totaled with any federal reimbursement, exceeds the total of certification costs incurred. The LDAF reimbursement will be calculated from an amount less than any federal reimbursement as to not duplicate funds. The LDAF payment will be based ONLY on one (1) certification scope.

This rebate will be available to eligible Louisiana organic producers and handlers upon submission of 1) completed LDAF Rebate Application, 2) proof of organic certification, 3) supporting documentation of organic certification costs, and 4) proof of federal reimbursement from the USDA Farm Service Agency.

Eligible producers include any certified producers or handlers who have paid organic certification fees to a USDA-accredited certifying agent during 2021 and any subsequent program year. Producers can be reimbursed for expenses made between Oct. 1, 2020, and Sept. 30, 2021, including application fees, inspection costs, fees related to equivalency agreement and arrangement requirements, travel expenses for inspectors, user fees, sales assessments, and postage. 

For 2021, the OCCSP will reimburse 50% of a certified operation’s allowable certification costs, up to a maximum of $500 for each of the following categories (or “scopes”):  

  • crops  
  • wild crops  
  • livestock  
  • processing/handling  
  • State organic program fees

Deadline to apply: Applications must be received by close of business (4:30 p.m.) Monday, April 18, 2022.

2021 State Organic Certification Rebate Application

Reimbursements will be on a first-come, first-served basis, based on receipt of the completed application packet, until available funding is exhausted.

For more information, contact Jeremy Hendrix at 337-948-0230 or by email at

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For more information on organic certification and regulations, visit the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service’s organic website.

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