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Education & Outreach

LDAF community project

Employees of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry adopted Winbourne Elementary in Baton Rouge for the 2014-2015 school year and collected more than 1600 school supply items for the students. The donation was made Thursday, August 21 to a most appreciative group of youngsters and faculty. The school was selected because employees of the Baton Rouge office felt it was a school that could use the assistance. When Commissioner Mike Strain and some of the employees made the delivery, a group of about 100 students welcomed them. They were quiet and well behaved. When Commissioner Strain, who is a veterinarian by profession, asked the kids if anyone had a question, one of the little boys raised his hand and asked if Commissioner Strain had ever worked on a guinea pig. Strain said, “Yes, I have.” The little boy responded with, “I hope you worked on him quickly because when guinea pigs get away, they really know how to hide!”

The students were also sworn in as junior agriculture commissioners.

Strain speaking to students

Commissioner Strain speaking to students at Winbourne Elementary in Baton Rouge.

Commissioner Mike Strain and LDAF delegates

Standing behind Commissioner Strain are LDAF staff who assisted in organizing, collecting and delivering school supplies to Winbourne Elementary. From left to right- Jeremy Hendrix, Sam White, Commissioner Strain, Tabitha Gray and Todd Parker. Winbourne Elementary assistant principal Penny Brisco is also in the photo.