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Economic Development

The Office of Marketing and Agricultural Development, through the Agricultural Economic Development Division, is responsible for administering the financial programs offered through the Louisiana State Market Commission and by providing economic and business development services. The programs also include loan and loan guarantees. The division’s primary goals are to create jobs and to add value to Louisiana’s raw commodities by encouraging the location of further processing industries in Louisiana.

Agricultural Economic Development Assistance

Our economic and business development service can be a valuable resource to assist your needs. The Division staff includes professionals with a wide range of expertise and experience as well as contacts in government, educational and private sectors. We can assist by linking agricultural/forestry related businesses with financial resources (including loans and grants), identify raw material supplies and directing such entities to various state sponsored business incentives. Assistance is available to local and out of state business interests as well as through community and economic development organizations.

Division staff can assist in the identification of various state sponsored incentive programs available to processors of agricultural, forestry and fisheries products. The more widely used programs provide reductions in state and local taxes. Other programs provide funding for pre-employment or on the job training.

Division staff may also assist in the identification of financial resources outside of the programs offered by the LDAF. The following entities offer financial assistance: USDA Rural Development and Farm Service Agency, Ag Credit Corporations First South Farm Credit and Louisiana Ag Credit, Louisiana Land Bank, the Louisiana Economic Development Corporation at Louisiana Department of Economic Development as well as commercial banks.

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