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LDAF launches mobile app


With Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF)’s new mobile horticulture application, it’s now easier than ever to verify individuals claiming to be landscaping or other horticulture professionals.

The new mobile app is available for both Apple and Android users. Within the app, users can verify a horticulture license, permit of a business or file a complaint.

Licensees must pass a written exam administered by LDAF, demonstrating proficiency in their profession. Also, arborist and  landscape irrigation contractors must possess proper liability insurance and some licensed professions require participation in periodic refresher training through continuing education.

When is a license required? LDAF Horticulture and Quarantine Programs Director Ansel Rankins said routine grass mowing and edging do not require licensed individuals.  However, work such as plant bed preparation, bedding plant installation, landscape design, lawn irrigation system installation, tree trimming and fertilizer application all must be conducted by someone licensed through the LDAF.

The app, called LDAF Business Search, may be downloaded for free at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

For those without access to a mobile device, horticulture license verification will still be available on the LDAF website or by calling the Horticulture and Quarantine Programs division at 225-952-8100.