Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Soil & Water Conservation - Agricultural Solid Waste Management Program

Through the Agricultural Solid Waste Management Program, agricultural producers can learn how to manage agricultural waste for beneficial uses.

By the use of Best Management Practices adopted through this program, facilities such as rice dyers, grain elevators, cotton gins, seafood processors and similar operations, or facilities generating wood waste or stable manure can carry out their activities in an environmentally sound manner, where otherwise these operations would be subject to the LDEQ solid waste permitting process at public expense. By affected producers and processors implementing prescribed BMPs through this program, agricultural waste and by-products may be utilized beneficially as organic fertilizer, mulch, and other useful products.

Agricultural Solid Waste Best Management Practices Guidelines (PDF, 538 KB)


What types of facilities are eligible to participate in LDAF Agricultural Solid Waste programs?

How do I ensure my Agricultural Solid Waste Best Management Practices (BMP) plan remains current?

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