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Louisiana Quarterly Report of Forest Products

The Quarterly Report of Forest Products, published by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry - Office of Forestry, is a quarterly report of the prices paid for raw forest products, on the stump, at the first point of sale.

Data is gathered in a cooperative effort by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry - Office of Forestry, the Louisiana Forestry Commission, the Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation and the Louisiana Tax Commission. Prices reflect total volume and total value ratios paid from bid and negotiated sales. Values do not represent inter or intra-company transactions and long-term contracts.

The purpose of the report is threefold: to provide a guide for private timber owners in determining stumpage prices regionally or statewide; to establish annual stumpage price figures for severance tax purposes; and to determine the timber value for use-value assessment of forest land.

Original Reports

State Averages - Historical Compilation

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