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Animal Health Services - Veterinary Health Division
Reportable Diseases

In order to improve the protection of the animals and poultry populations from the effects of contagious diseases, all veterinarians licensed in the state of Louisiana are required by law to report to the State Veterinarian, by telephone, fax, or electronic mail within 24 hours after diagnosis or tentative diagnosis, the occurrence or suspected occurrence of contagious diseases or symptoms. 

Louisiana Law Requiring the Reporting of Contagious Diseases

2012 Louisiana Reportable Disease List
2011 U.S. Status of OIE Diseases


      Equine Encephalitis

      Equine Infectious Anemia


Website Links

A comprehensive list of all diseases that must be reported to the State Veterinarian (225-925-3980) and Local (parish animal control or local sheriff) officials to prevent the spread of the disease can be found at the following sites:

USDA APHIS Animal Diseases
Center for Food Security & Public Health Animal Disease Info
Merck Veterinary Manual
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) 
United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) 

   Brent Robbins, DVM, MBA
   State Veterinarian



   Diane Stacy, DVM
   Assistant State Veterinarian



   Mailing Address
   P.O. Box 1951
   Baton Rouge, LA  70821-1951


Phone: 225-925-3980
Fax: 225-237-5555


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