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Agricultural & Environmental Sciences - Pesticide & Environmental Programs

The Advisory Commission on Pesticides serves to protect the interests, health, safety, and welfare of the Louisiana public through rules and regulations pertaining to the proper labeling, sale, distribution, transportation, storage, use and application, and disposal of pesticides within the state. 

These rules and regulations include but are not limited to – rules and regulations for registration of pesticides for sale and use in Louisiana, for governing the certification and licensure of pesticide applicators, for agricultural worker and pesticide handler safety, for water protection, for the transportation, storage and handling of pesticides and pesticide application equipment, and for the treatment of pesticide residues and the handling and disposal of solid wastes generated in the course of pesticide use.

Pesticide Forms 

Pesticide Label Search (Website)

Pesticide Law RS 3:3201-3389 (Website)
Pesticides, Rules and Regulation, State Register, Title 7, Part XXIII (Website)

Pesticide/Pharmaceutical Product Registration
& Special Registrations - Section 18s and 24Cs

2,4-D Herbicide Regulations 

Pesticide Certification: Private and Commercial Applicators, Salespersons & Consultants 

Pesticide Licensing: Ground, Aerial, RUP Dealers, Consultants 

Pesticide Applicator Recertification Meetings

Pesticide Hypersensitivity List
Pesticide Wastes & Spills

Water Protection

Endangered Species 

School Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  

Worker Protection Standard

USDA RUP Recordkeeping Requirement 

Pesticide Related Complaints 

Advisory Commission on Pesticides Hearings

Pesticide Fee Schedule

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